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How To Upgrade PS4 Hard Drive With A Few Things

ps4 hard drive upgrade

Have you tired of downloading new games for your Sony’s PlayStation 4, play it for a while and then delete it to save some storage for other games? To avoid this inconvenience, you have to upgrade the current hard drive in your PS4 with a new one that has a larger storage.

You might feel upgrading the hard drive for your PS4 is a daunting proposition. However, all you need is just a few things, such as a screwdriver, a USB drive, a SATA hard drive, and a desktop or laptop with internet connection.

Before doing this, you must to be sure as after upgrading your hard drive, the warranty of your PS4 is gone. Sony or retailers will not accept to change or repair your PlayStation 4 for free anymore.

Getting a new hard drive is also a difficult problem as you might not know which is good or bad. According to our experience, we suggest you to pick the Seagate Hybrid hard drive, which will cost you about $77. It’s a 1TB solid state hybrid drive that’s come with an 8GB NAND Flash to help you boot the PS4 faster.

Of course, there are also many other hard drives you could pick, including SSDs (solid state drives). But make sure it’s a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive or a SSD in 2.5-inch form-factor. If you choose a SSD, it will cost you more.

How To Upgrade Your PS4 Hard Drive?

Before upgrading your PS4 gaming console, plug the USB drive in and click on Settings > Backup and Restore > Backup PS4. Wait for the backup process is done.

Backup PlayStation 4

Next, go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage. It will show you an option to copy all data of your games. Just save them to your USB flash drive.

Saved Data PS4

Turn off your PS4, use screwdriver to open the case, remove the old hard drive and replace it with the new one. If you don’t know how to open your PS4, take a look at the teardown article from iFixit.

On your computer, visit the PlayStation website, download PlayStation operating system, create a new folder named “UPDATE” on your USB drive and save the operating system in there. If you put the file somewhere else, the PS4 will not able to find it.

Sony PlayStation 4 operating system

Plug the USB into your PS4 gaming console, press and holding the power button for 7 seconds to enter Safe Mode. After that, plug the DualShock controller through charging cable and then press PS button.

Reinstall all games on your PS4 and restore the backup. All is done and you are good to go.