Two New Versions Of No Man’s Sky Are Announced

No Man's Sky For PlayStation 4 And PC

For users who love to play the No Man’s Sky on your own computer, or even on your PlayStation 4 Premium, there is a good news that Sony will bring this game into these platforms. Sony has announced they will bring the No Man’s Sky game into their PS4 Premium while Hello Games, the developer of the No Man’s Sky game, has partnered with iam8bit to bring the game into the PC.

Sony will allow users to retail the “Limited Edition” of No Man’s Sky for $80. With this money, users will be able to get the game that keeps in a steel-book case and comes with a few other things: No Man’s Sky comic, 48 page art book, PS4 Dynamic Theme, and a few bonuses in the game.

Meanwhile, the $150 bundle from iam8bit comes with a few great things, such as a hand-painted toy, and a $60 game code. However, the bundle is only available in limited stock: 10,000 units. If you are interested, you can pre-order it soon or it will be out of stock extremely fast.

No Man's Sky For PC Desktop
No Man’s Sky For PC

As we mentioned above, this Explorer’s Edition bundle comes with a $US 60 game code. You can use this PC code to redeem on Steam.

If you want to know, the No Man’s Sky will be released by June 21, 2016 in the U.S and Canada. If you are living in the U.K, there are a few more days to wait.

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