Grand Theft Auto 4 Cheats For PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 And PC

Grand Theft Auto 4 Cheats For GTA 4

If you are playing Grand Theft Auto IV and want some code to cheat the game, then in this article, you will have a chance to see all great cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto IV.

These cheat codes will help you to do whatever you want, such as change the weather, get another weapon, restore the armour and health, as well as raise or remove wanted level.

The following codes are available to use on Play Station 3, Xbox 360 as well as the desktop PC versions. To apply these codes to your game, bring up Niko’s cell phone, press “Up” key to open the dial pad and then type the phone number on the list below and then press “Call” to take the effect.

After you dialled any new cheats, it will automatically save the cheat to the menu of the cell phone, and you can easy to activate it again without dial the number again. Some of these cheats require a specific Grand Theft Auto IV DLC add-ons, take a look at the notes in the table below for further details.

Several cheats will disable your achievements permanently. So if you got this issue, make sure you don’t save the game after you enable these cheats.

List Of Cheats For GTA 4 (Grand Theft Auto IV)

Take a look at the list below for the number to dial and enable the cheat. If you found any missing code, tell us and we will add it to the list.

Number To DialEffect Of The CodeDLC If Require
482 555 0100Restore full armor, health and ammoNo
362 555 0100Restore full armor and healthNo
267 555 0100Remove the level you wantNo
267 555 0150Add one start to the level you wantNo
486 555 0100Weapons tier 1: such as baseball bat, shotgun, handgun, MP5, M4, RPG, grenades and sniper rifleNo
486 555 0150Weapons tier 2: such as knife, handgun, shotgun, molotov cocktails, Uzi, sniper rifle, AK-47 and RPGNo
227 555 0168Spawn a Super GTNo
227 555 0147Spawn TurismoNo
625 555 0150Spawn SanchezNo
938 555 0100Spawn JetmaxNo
625 555 0100Spawn an NRG-900No
227 555 0100Spawn FBI BuffaloNo
227 555 0142Spawn a CognoscentiNo
227 555 0175Spawn CometNo
359 555 0100Spawn Annihilator Police HelicopterNo
625 555 3273Spawn a Vader BikeRequire "The Ballad of Gay Tony"
938 555 0150Spawn Floater BoatRequire "The Ballad of Gay Tony"
227 555 9666Spawn Bullet GTRequire "The Ballad of Gay Tony"
625 555 0200Spawn an Akuma BikeRequire "The Ballad of Gay Tony"
826 555 0100Spawn SlamvanRequire "The Lost and Damned"
245 555 0150Spawn Hexer BikeRequire "The Lost and Damned"
245 555 0125Spawn a Double T BikeRequire "The Lost and Damned"
468 555 0100Change weatherNo
276 555 2666Super PunchRequire "The Ballad of Gay Tony"
359 555 7272Spawn ParachuteRequire "The Ballad of Gay Tony"
359 555 2899Spawn Buzzard HelicopterRequire "The Ballad of Gay Tony"
272 555 8265Spawn APCRequire "The Ballad of Gay Tony"
486 555 2526Exploding Sniper Rifle RoundsRequire "The Ballad of Gay Tony"
245 555 0100Spawn Innovation BikeRequire "The Lost and Damned"
245 555 0199Spawn Hakuchou BikeRequire "The Lost and Damned"
826 555 0150Spawn BurritoRequire "The Lost and Damned"
267 555 0150Raise the level you wantNo
362 555 0100Restore armourNo
948 555 0100Display song informationNo
265 555 2423PresidenteNo
486 555 0150Get a different weaponNo
486 555 0100Get the selected weaponNo

Other Tips For Grand Theft Auto IV

  • Easy Money: Just go to an ATM, make traffic jam around the ATM and then wait for som body to withdraw money from the ATM. After that, kill him or her, take the money he or she dropped on the ground. Next, run a short distance and go back to take the money again. The money on the ground will respawn. Repeat this trick as many as you wish. You can kill more people to increase the amount of money that will respawn. Make sure you have blocked all nearby street. By that, the ambulance can’t get to the murdered victim.
  • Repair Engine: If your vehicle breaks down and the engine does not start anymore. Just call any number from the phonebook, after that, the engine will work again.
  • Access Used Cheats: Anytime you use a new cheat, it will automatically save into your cell phone. By that, you will able to access it from the “Cheats” menu on your phone. It’s simple, right? You don’t need to dial any of above numbers again.

I hope this article will help you play Grand Theft Auto IV easier and with more fun. If you have anything to contribute to this article, especially cheats for GTA 4 (Grand Theft Auto 4 Cheats), let me know and I will update the list.