Rainbow Six Siege Has Updated Patch 2.1.3

The Rainbow Six Siege game has just received a new update on April 19, 2017. The update was released by the Ubisoft game developer. This update is version 2.1.3 of Rainbow Six Siege.

It promises to fix the bugs in the game completely and gives players the perfect insight when playing Rainbow Six Siege. In this update, it has many changes to the operator, and above all, it is to edit the new bugs in the game.

In general, the details of this update include:

  • The scope of Glaz has many revisions. In this update, its features have some changes to make the observation easier and more precise. It also provides good night vision. The clearer glass function helps the player to distinguish the enemy clearly. When enemies are destroyed, thermal images will fade until no longer displayed.
  • Echo: has been enhanced to help you reduce the stun and disorient effects as well as with some weapon modifications such as LFP586 that can ignite on larger areas at medium and long distances.

However, some updates that the publisher mentioned previously, they will not be included in this update, such as repair of Hibana’s equipment, so it does not explode abnormally.

This update is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Other devices will receive updates for Rainbow Six Siege soon.
Below is a detailed list of changes made by Ubisoft:


Game Mode

Operator changes

Level Design

The game changes in this update will address the recent issues in the Rainbow Six Seige and meet the player’s expectations.