How To Choose A Good Gaming Laptop

How to choose a good gaming laptop

Ten things to note in a gaming laptop

If you love video games, and you often play video games. Desktops are perfect for playing it. However, if you are on the go and you can not bring your desktop computer to play games. In that case, if you have a gaming laptop, it will be great and convenient for you to play video games anywhere. So, you want to buy a gaming laptop, but you do not know how to choose a gaming laptop. In this post, I will show you the things to keep in mind to buying the best gaming laptops.

Computer screen

When you play video games, a good monitor is needed. Thus, a laptop also needs to have a good screen to become a great gaming laptop. There are many things to consider to have a good screen. The first thing is the size of it. A 14-inch screen is very portable, but it’s not wide enough to provide a good gaming experience. A 17-inch or 18-inch screen will provide a great visual experience, but at such a size it makes the laptop heavier. That would be a difficult choice. However, some electronics companies such as MSI and Razer has launched ultra-thin gaming laptop with the 17-inch screen. That would be a good option to have a larger and lightweight gaming laptop.
One thing is more important than the size of a screen that is its resolution. The resolution of the Display directly affects the visual quality of video games. If the resolution of a display is reduced, the image in the match will not be smooth. The recommended resolution for a gaming laptop screen is 1080p. Some laptops are equipped with discrete graphics with up to 4K resolution for high-quality 4K video. However, with a laptop used to play video games, a 4K screen is too much.

A thing to consider next is whether the monitor uses an IPS (in-plane switching) panel. An IPS panel provides a wider viewing angle and higher color accuracy. It helps to “pop” colors more, creating the best color and image quality.
Next thing to look at is the refresh rate of the screen. Normally, a display will have a refresh rate of 60Hz, and the GPU will be able to display games at 100 FPS, but the screen will lock the FPS to a refreshing level of 60 FPS.
However, some gaming laptops have a refresh rate higher than 60Hz. Like the device named Sager NP9870-S has a 75Hz display and can up to 75 fps.
In addition to the static refresh rate, there is a technology called “refresh rate change.” It allows you to control the refresh rate of the screen on the graphics card. It can make the 30fps screen look smooth. Companies that have developed this functionality include Nvidia with G-Sync and AMD with FreeSync.

On a laptop, the trackpad is used to replace the mouse, but it is often not used when playing the game. Instead, people often use mouse models designed specifically for games. Although the trackpad is often less used when playing games, it is necessary for a laptop. To be able to pick a good trackpad, we recommend that you use and feel it at the store before you buy or refer through reviews of that product online. In addition to the main features, some laptops have very excellent trackpads like Alienware’s 14 series.


A good keyboard will help the player to perform the smooth operation of the game. If you use a bad quality keyboard to play the game, it can cause your game to be interrupted. So choosing a laptop with a good keyboard is essential. Some keyboards are designed to shine in the dark, which is very handy when you play late at night.


Speakers in gaming laptops often do not meet the needs of the majority of players. Only a few laptops have dedicated speakers for gaming, but their prices are not low. So most people use high-quality headsets that bring the most vivid sound to the game. At present, the headset market is very diverse with hundreds of models, prices, and different uses. Make choices wisely and sensibly.

Size and weight

As mentioned earlier, a gaming laptop needs to be portable to use anywhere. Laptops 0.8 inches thick and weighs 4 pounds will fit the requirements. However, because they are too thin, it has some problems with overheating and performance. Thus, gaming laptops are often thick and cumbersome by radiators and other components. While heavier, it reduces mobility, but in return, the quality of its performance will increase. To buy a proper laptop, please rely on your intended use. If you use it to play games like League Of Legends, Dota 2….. Then A lightweight laptop is more than enough. For games that require higher configurations like Battlefield 4 and Metro Last Light, a larger laptop would be better.


When you buy a gaming laptop, make sure it has enough of the ports you need to use. USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports are indispensable for connecting with gaming accessories. Plugins and other ports are equally important when using laptops.

For gaming laptops, we recommend you a laptop that uses Intel’s quad-core CPU. Because any laptop with more than four cores often wastes the game. Today, most of the games are not optimized for these CPUs. Next, to the number of cores, another thing to note is the processor frequency. It will show a CPU running fast or slow.
For example, the processor i7-6700HQ has a processing frequency of 2.6GHz, but it can be raised to 3.5GHz. If the processing frequency of the CPU is larger. The computer will have the better processing power. Powerful CPUs will help to make the game smoother.

Some gaming laptop vendors have forced the desktop CPU into a large laptop frame (such as the Sager NP9870-S), but its price is not cheap.


Large RAM is needed when playing games. Make sure the laptop has 8GB or more RAM. Browsers will often use a lot of RAM, and games use more than that. The 8GB RAM is just fine, but to work properly, 16GB of RAM is perfect.
When using a laptop, you should set the RAM to run in dual mode. Although this may reduce its lifespan, this increases the memory bandwidth. The speed of RAM can affect more than gaming on laptops.

Graphics Cards

Some games require high graphics configuration that your laptop can not meet, so using discrete graphics cards is required. Separate graphics cards help improve the graphics display of the computer, making the image sharp and smooth. Currently, Nvidia is dominating the mobile GPU segment. If you want to play in the high settings of the game at 1080p speed, the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is a good choice or better than the GTX 1060. If you only need average performance, a GTX 1050 is the right thing. The GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 series will perform much better, but their prices are also higher.


A large SSD drive allows you to store more games on your PC. Therefore, a large SSD drive is essential to a gaming enthusiast. Minimum storage should be 240GB, and more if you need it. You can start with 240 GB, after a while if your computer lacks capacity, you can upgrade or add a drive to the laptop.