The New LucidSound LS35X Wireless Headset For The Xbox One

LS35X wireless headset

Typically, wireless headphones connect to computers or gaming devices with some receivers and jacks. However, a new headset product has recently been introduced to users. It’s called the LucidSound LS35X for the Xbox One. Designed specifically for the Xbox One gaming console, the LS35X can be connected directly to the Xbox One without using the receiver and jacks.

LS35X Wireless Headset For The Xbox One

The LS35X is LucidSound’s new product and a combination of the Xbox and the Scorpio project. LucidSound’s official announcement says the LS35X wireless headset is the first support device to connect directly to the Xbox One and Project Scorpio gaming consoles. That means the LS35X will communicate with the Xbox One as a controller and can be automatically configured when connected.

LS35X wireless headset

In addition, the LS35X can also be compatible with Windows 10 PCs, and if you have a Windows 10 PC with Xbox Wireless technology, you will be able to connect the LS35X to your PC without the need for a converter.

Regarding configuration, the headset uses a correct 50mm neodymium driver. The TLS35X is also compatible with Windows Sonic’s surround sound for headphones. It creates 3D virtual surround effect for the player, and the Dolby Atmos is also supported.

The LS35X is expected to be available to consumers at E3 2017 by the end of this year. Details and pricing have yet to be announced by LucidSound.