Yonder A World Of Peace And Beauty – An Open-World For PS4 / PC

Yonder Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Starting with Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles you will immediately be attracted to a vast and beautiful world. It has excellent 3D RPG graphics and strikingly styled and exquisite scenes. This game can make you think of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, a game that was previously released by a small development team. However, Yonder has a very distinct difference. It is in this game has nothing to fight.

Yonder A World Of Peace And Beauty

Games that affect Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles are not just Zelda, but Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, and Shadow of the Colossus. Many other games have contributed to Yonder’s idea. Nature discovery, agricultural farming, gathering tasks, and the vast world is the most important points in Yonder.

Shadow of the Colossus has a real impact on Yonder, which shares the same view of a beautiful and empty world, but still, makes you happy in it. Vance and the contractors have had many times combined, so there will be many small effects between the games.

Yonder Cloud Catcher Chronicles

You can watch the trailer below for a glimpse of gameplay and the lively world of Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. What you are seeing, is just a small part of the variety and scope of the game. Yonder, a vast world for those who love to explore.

Your most important goal in the game is “Wipe out the Murk,” which is an evil presence and it harms the world. To do this, you must collect Sprites scattered all over Yonder or complete tasks such as farming to achieve them.

For gameplay in Yonder, in the beginning, you will select one of the main characters to join the game. These characters have different looks. You can customize your hair, skin color, eye color, …. for your character before you start. Sometimes, in the game, you will meet creatures in the fields. You can approach it, get acquainted and find it for your favorite food. After that, the hearts will emerge, and you can make friends with an animal, take it to your farm. The farm is your home in Yonder. You can completely customize the farm layout to your liking.

Yonder Cloud Catcher Chronicles

In addition to caring for pets, you also have to grow and harvest farm produce, and look for items in the task (such as gathering wood and cooking) to get the favor of the locals. After that, they will give you the items to destroy Murk. The items you receive will be used to restore the broken Cloud Catcher. After the completion, you will bring peace to the world again.

But why not fight? Vance says that it does not have the fight to make Yonder more likely to attract audiences. Yonder is designed to serve a large number of normal players. Those who want a lightweight, exploring, challenging, and not a too easy game. So that game has a world in wide games and many areas to join.

Yonder’s demo is limited to a large part of the world. When the game is officially released, players will be able to go from one end of the world to the other. That’s what Vance and Prideful Sloth want to emphasize as an ‘Open-world.’

The game has a very bright Day/Night cycle. You can only do certain tasks and activities at certain times of the day. Weather, seasons and geographical location are also evident in the game landscape. On top of that, an outer hour would be six days in the Yonder world. So, when you play Yonder, you will see the world changing with each passing season. For example, in the winter, the lake surface will freeze, and you may reach the other shore where you can not reach before.

Yonder Cloud Catcher Chronicles

In Yonder, you control your character in a 3rd view. It’s far enough to provide a wide view, and sometimes it changes the view itself so you can feel the effects of the pretty scene.

Some reminder of the game comes from the publisher: When you jump out of a high place, you will land on the ground like parachuting. Your tools are never broken, so it will always work. Yonder has a trading system and currency. You can trade the items you collect or plant the world for others. However, the economy in the game is still being adjusted so that it becomes the most realistic.

Yonder will launch on July 18, 2017, for PS4 and PC. Sloth Prideful publishers are considering releasing Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles on other platforms. However, that depends on the success of Yonder on PS4 and PC.

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