Top 10 Best Games To Play In Google Chrome

Top 10 Best Games To Play In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a free internet browser developed by Google, using the V8 engine platform. Since its launch in 2008, Chrome has made great strides and become one of the most popular browsers in the world today.

Over the years of development, Google Chrome has created many great gadgets to support users. Those things are antivirus software, support tools, and thousands of cool games that you can play for free on Google Chrome.

Games are always a great way for you to have fun moments, participate in games to help you relieve the everyday stress. To play the game on Google Chrome, you just download it fast and play it in a new tab. On the Chrome Web Store, there are so many games that choosing a game is always difficult. Some light entertainment games and some games you need to think a lot to find the solution. So we’ll introduce you to the top 10 best games on Google Chrome. To download games on Chrome, visit the Chrome Web Store and install the games you love.

Top 10 Best Games To Play In Google Chrome

1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a very common game on Chrome, thanks to the success of this game on mobile devices, so the Angry Birds version of Google Chrome is also very welcome. Like on the phone app, Angry Birds on Chrome is a series of quests that kill worms using a crossbow and shoot angry birds to destroy the worms.

Angry Birds is an exciting and challenging game for the player. The first screen is easy, but the next screen will gradually get harder. To overcome it, you must shoot accurately to destroy the structures and kill the worms. As an entertainment game, Angry Birds has more than 10 million players on Google Chrome.


2. Monster Dash

Monster Dash is a great game developed by the Halfbrick game developer. Join Monster Dash, and you will play the character Barry Steakfries in a 2-D world, and control him to kill the monsters like vampires and mummies. Although the game is a bit violent, 2-D fun pictures will not make you feel that way.

The game moves very fast, but the control of Barry is very easy. Spacebar key to jump, and arrow keys right to shoot; anyone can play this fun game.


3. Free Rider HD

Free Rider HD is one of the most played racing games on Google Chrome. The game has 80 unique levels, a variety of vehicles, and a lot of achievements can be achieved. Results help players overcome challenges more quickly. Free Rider HD is a great game, and it has significant community players.

Also, the game gives players the ability to create their 2D racing levels and share it with the community of users. At present, the game has over 50,000 levels created by users, and these levels can be used to challenge friends or players around the world.


4. Happy Friday

Happy Friday is a fun, fast-paced game. On Happy Friday, you control an orange monster so that it runs and jumps over the obstacles and eats as many items and ends. In the match, some red monsters will attack or hinder you towards the destination. The game requires you to use the surrounding environment to pass the levels and fight the red monsters. Your character can turn into a ball to move faster, but that way you will not be able to jump. Happy Friday is a free, fast-paced, and easy-to-control game, suitable for all ages.

Happy Friday

5. Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a classic defense game. The game requires the player to defend the kingdom against the monsters. Use tower types and place them correctly, so that it works best. Also, you can use one of the Hero to block the monster stronger.

Basically, the game is simply to build a defense system to prevent monsters. However, Kingdom Rush Frontiers has a support board to increase the stats for the towers and Hero, making them stronger. Despite the old style, the game is very smoothly programmed and shiny, making the player feel more attractive when playing Kingdom Rush Frontiers.

kingdom Rush Frontiers

6. Cut The Rope

Cut the Rope is a game that won the Apple Design Award and the BAFTA Award. This is a fun game that combines physical elements. The objective of the game is to collect stars and bring lots of candy to the blue frog. To collect the stars, click to cut the ropes that are connected to the candy. Thus, it will sway high above and touch the stars. However, the primary goal is to bring the candy to the frog. If you cannot do that, you lose.

So choose which wire and what time is reasonable to cut them is the most important. Cut the Rope appeals to the player because of its difficulty, but that makes the game appealing to everyone.

Cut The Rope

7. Need For Speed World

Need for Speed World is an online racing game on Chrome that allows you to make online races with millions of other players in the world. This game offers a very realistic driving experience because it has great graphics and beautiful graphics.

However, Need for Speed World needs to be downloaded and installed to play the game. It’s free, and there are a variety of different vehicles for you to use in races. The game has racetracks up to 100 miles, helping you and other players to have a fierce competition on the track.

Need For Speed World

8. BeGone

If you are a fan of multitasking, BeGone will be the best option on Google Chrome. Everything in this game is awesome, from graphics, maps, and themes. When you play BeGone with other players, you can create group tactics by marking the map. Accessories, weapons, can be exchanged between players and the Clan system. Also, the game has some other great features. When playing BeGone, you can join a team, or play alone. BeGone is an attractive shooter game that cannot be ignored.


9. Lord Of Ultima

Lords of Ultima is a tactical game. You will be a lord and start building a mighty empire. Starting from a small village and building it into a capital city of an empire. Like most games of the same type, you build a city, create a civilization, improve the level of skills such as espionage, diplomacy, trade, attack. Train your troops and beat the enemy cities around.

If you play Lord of Ultima, you will need a lot of time to get your city to the level you want. So, if you have free time, Lord of Ultima is a game that cannot be ignored. In the game, you can chat with other players, friends, and clan members.

Lord Of Ultima

10. Little Alchemy

For those who like to learn about science, Little Alchemy is a game that is suitable for them. Little Alchemy is a game that many carries scientific elements. Starting with four basic elements, players will unite them and create new elements by dragging and dropping elements together. With more than 500 elements that can be created, the game requires the player to have a good memory and know how to streamline and create all the elements in the game. Although Little Alchemy is a very simple game, to accomplish it is tough if you do not know how to play it.
Little Alchemy is a challenging game for the player’s memory and logical abilities. You should try it if you are confident in your abilities.

Little Alchemy

The above are the top 10 best games to play in Google Chrome. Besides, it also has a lot of great games which are excellent nonetheless. The inventory of games and applications on Google Chrome is always refreshed, and every day there are some good games to be released. Check out more about Google Chrome and the Chrome Web Store to find the apps you need.