X-Morph: Defense A Unique Defense Game Applying NVIDIA’s PhysX Technology

X-Morph: Defense

You are probably familiar with classic defense games. However, the appearance of X-Morph: Defense may change your mind about that. X-morph is a video game developed by Polish team EXOR Studios. It’s a combination game between shooter genre and tower defense.

X-Morph: Defense A Unique Defense Game Applying NVIDIA’s PhysX Technology

Below is the trailer of X-Morph: Defense.

In the game, you control a plane and destroy the enemy attacks. Also, you can place defense towers anywhere on the map to attack enemies. The difficulty and the special feature of the game are that, on a map, there are many ways for the enemy to reach the central tower where you have to defend. And you can set the towers to block the shortest paths and force the enemy to go round to attack, in order to time for you to defend.

X-Morph: Defense

In addition to turrets, structures like bridges and tall buildings can also be destroyed and become natural obstacles to deter enemy forces.

X-Morph: Defense does this because it uses NVIDIA’s PhysX technology for programming. NVIDIA’s PhysX technology allows structures in the game to be destroyed and collapsed into pieces. Developers say the system is very accurate. Players can destroy structures in a strategy to take advantage. The direction of falling tall buildings will depend on its construction and the angle at which you destroy it.

For example, you can destroy half of a building, causing it to collapse and block the path of the enemy.

X-Morph: Defense

In addition, the game also features split-screen co-op. Below is detailed on the features of X-Morph: Defense.

Tower Defense

  •  Can build your tower anywhere on the map.
  •  Attack and Destroy enemies, collapse structures to change the path of the enemy.
  •  Defensive towers can be connected to form laser fences, blocking enemy paths.
  •  Smart enemies, they will attack you by the nearest way. When the towers and obstacles block the way, they will adapt to the changing battlefield and find another way to attack. This makes the game a lot more interesting.
  •  Advanced tower types, different enemies require players to have different defensive tactics. Building advanced towers to fight particular enemies is essential.


  • Do not wait for enemies to attack, and you can attack directly with X-Morph fighter.
  • Morph has four types of planes, each with different weapons and abilities.

Human mecha

  • Great battles, the battle of players is the only factor and a great influence on the gameplay environment. Normally, the entire city will be destroyed after the fight.

X-Morph: Defense is available on Steam and prepares the steps before release. The game will be released for PS4 and Xbox One.

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