LawBreakers Game Will Be Released On The PlayStation 4 Later This Year


According to information, Cliff Bleszinski (or CliffyB) who created ‘Gears of War’, is now working hard on LawBreakers game.

LawBreakers is a highly attractive shooting game. The image of the game is a fiction scene of the earth without gravity after a natural disaster. People have survived using advanced technologies to recreate gravity and at the same time create more people with unrivaled strength.


However, a human civil war broke out after the disaster was overcome. It is the battle of law-abiding people to protect the world (LAW), and the criminals (Breakers) want to overthrow it all.

When you join LawBreakers, you have to choose one of two factions, LAW or Breakers, and fight with your teammates to achieve joint goals. Along with the battles, you will discover many different cultures in LawBreakers and a variety of powerful modern weapons.

LawBreakers Game Will Be Released On The PlayStation 4


LawBreakers are currently running a beta test on a PC. However, good news for PlayStation 4 users has just been released. An official announcement has confirmed that LawBraekers game will be released on PS 4 later this year.

The report also confirms that LawBreakers will support the PlayStation 4 Pro gaming console. However, whether the game is extended on the original PlayStation 4 is unknown. There will be more information about LawBreakers from Boss Key Productions and publisher Nexon at E3 2017.

To own LawBreakers, you will have to pay $ 29.99 / $ 24.99 / £ 29.99 on both platforms. LawBreakers do not have a Season Pass, and all future updates are confirmed to be free.

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