Conan Exiles Will Run At 4K On The Xbox One X

Conan Exiles

Funcom has released a press release on Conan Exiles. The content of the announcement speaks of Conan Exiles’ ability to run at 4K speeds on the Xbox One X platform.

Conan Exiles Will Run At 4K On The Xbox One X

Funcom said that they relied on the strength of the Xbox One X hardware so that Conan Exiles could run faster and smoother than ever. Utilizing the remarkable hardware of the Xbox One X, Funcom brings Conan the Barbarian’s world to the gamers in the most lively way. This improvement will probably bring Conan Exiles to the 4K game segment, and compete with existing games. Conan Exiles is a game released through Steam Early Access.

Conan Exiles will be released on August 16, 2017. After the full release, the game will run on some platforms such as PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. On August 16th, the game will receive a free, free update that opens up the snow-capped regions of the North.

At the same time release free updates on PC, Xbox One with the release of Xbox One Game Preview. Funcom offers players on both platforms great new experiences of Conan Exiles’ extended world.

Complete features, entirely new environments, monsters, buildings, and more. Currently, the game is still in Early Access. Therefore, all those who have bought or will buy the game while Conan Exiles is still in the process of development will receive the complete package for free.

You can see more about the Conan Exiles extension in the trailer below. Details about the update will be revealed at the end of this summer.

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